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Safflower: The Secret Weapon

Learn why safflower is the secret weapon at my bird feeders!

A Visit to the Great Plains Nature Center

Finally! I managed to visit the Great Plains Nature Center as well as Riverside Park in downtown Wichita.

Why North American Birds?

A reflection on why I’m partial to the birds of North America as opposed to the more vibrant birds from around the world.

Feeder Update #10: Hope You Like Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebird

This week was a little slow. I didn’t have quite the volume of visitors that I like to see, but I think you’ll find that pictures I did get more than made for it. Specifically, the best Eastern Bluebird pictures I’ve ever taken are… Continue Reading “Feeder Update #10: Hope You Like Bluebirds”

Feeder Update #9: New Camera

Lady Bluebird

A much-needed upgrade to the quality of photography on this website!

Getting Started: A Beginner’s Guide to Birdfeeding

Two Eastern Bluebirds and two House Finches at feeder

Bird feeding is a simple, gratifying hobby. Take a few pointers from my experience on how best to get started!

Feeder Update #8: A Visit to Sedgwick County Park

Double-breasted Cormorant

This week, I took a detour to Sedgwick County Park to take a look at all the awesome waterfowl!

If I had to Pick One: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

After writing last week about how the tray feeder would be my choice if I could just one type of feeder, my mind naturally asked myself what type of seed I would choose if I could have just one. The answer to that question… Continue Reading “If I had to Pick One: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds”

If I Had to Pick Just One: The Tray Feeder

Various finches feed

I had an interesting question mulling around in the back of my mind the other day: if I had to pick just one feeder, what would it be? Short version of this article: a tray feeder. I currently have two tray feeders, one caged… Continue Reading “If I Had to Pick Just One: The Tray Feeder”

Feeder Update #6: Orioles Wanted!

Woodpecker at feeder

The latest feeder update, featuring one I’ve never photographed before! Lots of bluebirds and chickadees.