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Bird of the Week #14: Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow on the Ground

Continuing the trend of doing something a little different, this week we’ll be looking at what one of my good friends calls avian fighter jets. And that’s an apt description! Go outside in an open area during a warm summer or spring day and… Continue Reading “Bird of the Week #14: Barn Swallow”

A Visit to the Great Plains Nature Center

Finally! I managed to visit the Great Plains Nature Center as well as Riverside Park in downtown Wichita.

Getting Started: A Beginner’s Guide to Birdfeeding

Two Eastern Bluebirds and two House Finches at feeder

Bird feeding is a simple, gratifying hobby. Take a few pointers from my experience on how best to get started!

Bird of the Week #6: Mourning Dove

Large Mourning Dove

Learn everything you need to know about the Mourning Dove here!

Feeder Update #7: Busy Week!

American Goldfinches at feeder

I’ve had such a busy week that I wasn’t able to get new pictures, but here is an update to the comings and goings in my yard anyway.

Bird of the Week #5 Northern Cardinal

Male Northern Cardinal perched in a tree

Find out just why the Northern Cardinal is the state bird of seven US states, the most of any!

If I Had to Pick Just One: The Tray Feeder

Various finches feed

I had an interesting question mulling around in the back of my mind the other day: if I had to pick just one feeder, what would it be? Short version of this article: a tray feeder. I currently have two tray feeders, one caged… Continue Reading “If I Had to Pick Just One: The Tray Feeder”

Feeder Update #5: New Feeder, New Bird

Blue Jay

Before we get to the birds, a little housekeeping. I’m no longer calling these weekly updates “Feeder Dumps.” Unfortunately, WordPress and my budget are limiting me to 13GB of storage space which is filling up fast. This means I’ll need to pump the brakes… Continue Reading “Feeder Update #5: New Feeder, New Bird”