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Bird of the Week #15: Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole Eats a Bug

One of the most gorgeous avian visitors to the Great Plains is the Baltimore Oriole! Learn more about this Halloween-colored beauty.

Safflower: The Secret Weapon

Learn why safflower is the secret weapon at my bird feeders!

Bird of the Week #13: Great Blue Heron

Our Bird of the Week is a little different this week! We look at the Great Blue Heron and talk about my exciting experience with one.

Bird of the Week #12: Bald Eagle

The national bird of the United States of America is perhaps the most beautiful of all raptors!

Bird of the Week #10: Turkey Vulture

I get it. Vultures are kind of gross. But they play an essential role in our ecosystem and are fascinating birds in their own right. Learn more with me!

Bird of the Week #9: Grackles

Sinister Grackle

The grackle is a misunderstood but extremely intelligent bird that’s worth a look!

Why North American Birds?

A reflection on why I’m partial to the birds of North America as opposed to the more vibrant birds from around the world.

Feeder Update #10: Hope You Like Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebird

This week was a little slow. I didn’t have quite the volume of visitors that I like to see, but I think you’ll find that pictures I did get more than made for it. Specifically, the best Eastern Bluebird pictures I’ve ever taken are… Continue Reading “Feeder Update #10: Hope You Like Bluebirds”

Bird of the Week #8: Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jays are intelligent, beautiful birds that are fun to watch and sometimes misunderstood.

Bird of the Week #7: House Finch

Male House Finch in tree

Join me in learning more about the House Finch!