National Audubon Society – The foremost birding organization in the United States. Look here for lots of interesting articles about birds as well as helpful information for bird conservation.

Audubon of Kansas – Though not formally affiliated with the National Audubon Society, AOK is a non-profit promoting conservation in Kansas.

Wichita Audubon Society – A formal Audobon chapter, the Wichita Audubon society does much to support the birding community in the Wichita area and even does monthly “bird walks.”

The Cornell Lab of Orinthology – Great resource for bird science, bird conservation, and bird identification.

Purple Martin Conservation Association – A group dedicated specifically to conservation of the Purple Martin.

Kansas Orinthological Society – A group decided to birdwatching in Kansas. – It’s exactly what it sounds like. If you love hummingbirds, this is for you.

North American Bluebird Society – For all our bluebird lovers.

The Great Backyard Bird Count – A huge project you can participate in by simply counting birds in your backyard.

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