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Fish in a Barrel: The Sedgwick County Zoo

A quick visit to the Sedgwick County Zoo’s awesome aviary!

Update #14: New Photos at Last


We’re back! I’ve finally got new pictures to share with you and I hope you love them!

Weekly Update #14: New Birds!

Cedar Waxwing

Some brand new images for your enjoyment, including a few never-before-seen birds!

Weekly Update #13: Oriole at Last

Female Baltimore Oriole

I finally have a great shot of a Baltimore Oriole. Lots more great birdies in here too!

A Visit to the Great Plains Nature Center

Finally! I managed to visit the Great Plains Nature Center as well as Riverside Park in downtown Wichita.

A Visit to the Eagle Valley Raptor Center

Check out all the awesome photos from my visit to the Eagle Valley Raptor Center!

Feeder Update #11: Western Kingbird!

Western Kingbird Pair

A quick feeder update this week as I prepare for RAPTOR WEEK!

Feeder Update #10: Hope You Like Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebird

This week was a little slow. I didn’t have quite the volume of visitors that I like to see, but I think you’ll find that pictures I did get more than made for it. Specifically, the best Eastern Bluebird pictures I’ve ever taken are… Continue Reading “Feeder Update #10: Hope You Like Bluebirds”

Feeder Update #9: New Camera

Lady Bluebird

A much-needed upgrade to the quality of photography on this website!

Feeder Update #8: A Visit to Sedgwick County Park

Double-breasted Cormorant

This week, I took a detour to Sedgwick County Park to take a look at all the awesome waterfowl!