Category: Bird of the Week

Bird of the Week #11: Harris’s Hawk

The Harris’s Hawk is the only “pack hunter” raptor and a gorgeous, social bird. Learn more!

Bird of the Week #10: Turkey Vulture

I get it. Vultures are kind of gross. But they play an essential role in our ecosystem and are fascinating birds in their own right. Learn more with me!

Bird of the Week #9: Grackles

Sinister Grackle

The grackle is a misunderstood but extremely intelligent bird that’s worth a look!

Bird of the Week #8: Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jays are intelligent, beautiful birds that are fun to watch and sometimes misunderstood.

Bird of the Week #7: House Finch

Male House Finch in tree

Join me in learning more about the House Finch!

Bird of the Week #6: Mourning Dove

Large Mourning Dove

Learn everything you need to know about the Mourning Dove here!

Bird of the Week #5 Northern Cardinal

Male Northern Cardinal perched in a tree

Find out just why the Northern Cardinal is the state bird of seven US states, the most of any!

Bird of the Week #4 European Starling

European Starlings hogging food

Our featured bird is my nemesis, the European Starling — find out some facts about starlings plus tips on how to get rid of them.

Bird of the Week #3: American Goldfinch

Learn more about the backyard favorite, the American Goldfinch!

Bird of the Week #2: Eastern Bluebird

This week, learn more about the Eastern Bluebird!