Fish in a Barrel: The Sedgwick County Zoo

The pictures in this album are a few months old. I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, but they just feel like cheating. I honestly haven’t taken any pictures in some time and finding the time to post is hard too. My feeders are running empty right now too. It’s summer and the birds are out getting fed from other, better sources. Once fall hits, I’ll start putting out some sunflower and seeing if they return.

Anyway, we’re blessed here in Wichita to have the Sedgwick County Zoo. While not the biggest zoo or the most impressive, it’s a well thought out zoo with a notable focus on actual conservation rather than just getting people in the doors and emptying their wallets. There’s a pretty good variety of fun animals to see, well laid-out paths that work like a big park, and even a surprisingly delicious restaurant.

The best part for birders like me is the gigantic aviary. I love going in there and seeing all the unusual birds, plus it makes for an excellent space to practice photography. The birds aren’t all that skittish around people and you can get pretty close. The pictures there don’t feel “real” like the ones I get in the wild, but it’s excellent for practicing composition and other more technical aspects of photography such as my favorite: back-end editing.

Not a lot to say today, but I do highly encourage a visit to the Sedgwick County Zoo if you get the chance! Please enjoy the photos.

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