Weekly Update #14: New Birds!

Cedar Waxwing

I already showed off the Eastern Bluebird couple that visits my feeders have started bringing their fledglings along. Just about every time I go out back, I see them just hanging out in my trees or gobbling up mulberries. One of the parents is never far, usually taking a spot a few trees over where they keep a watchful eye. It’s quite interesting to watch.

I’ll usually spot the parent showing up first, especially if it’s Mr. Bird. Mr. Bird with his bright blue feathers is impossible to miss, but the kids are still mostly gray and brown. There are definitely two little fledglings, with one being more of an orange-brown on the crest and other dark gray and brown. I’ve watched the pair cuddle up together in a tree and then get into little sibling quarrels. They truly do act just like any other pair of siblings. I like to think they’re brother and sister, but I have no way or knowing for sure. Time will tell!

I spent quite a bit of time of Sedgwick County Park, which is where I got the Baltimore Oriole pictures. I also found a few young Blue Jays, who are too old to be considered fledglings, but not quite adults just yet. I saw a couple of young robins as well, but none of the pictures are good enough to post. I’m sure I’ll get more at some point.

This week does bring us two never before seen birds! I managed to photograph both a Carolina Wren and a Cedar Waxwing, neither of which have ever gotten posted here. The wren isn’t too much of an accomplishment, as they’re not super uncommon in Kansas, but the Cedar Waxwing is typically only a winter visitor the Great Plains. I was absolutely shocked when I heard that unmistakable high pitched tsee sound that waxwings make. I started looking for them immediately and, sure enough, there was a group of maybe a half dozen high up in the trees feasting on berries.

The Cedar Waxwing is beautiful and I hope to get more, higher-quality shots to post as Bird of the Week eventually. Same goes for the Carolina Wren.

The farmer who manages the field behind my house just recently cut everything down, so it’s easy to spot the Northern Bobwhites who live in the field. You’ll see a shot of two males who were out back chasing one another. I was also doing some outdoor cooking and spotted a pair of Killdeer, so hopefully I can photograph them in the near future.

Also while I was cooking, a group of four Black-capped Chickadees. I hadn’t seen any chickadees come by in a while, so it was awesome getting to see my favorite little birds again. Again, my camera wasn’t with me so I was content just to see them again. I haven’t ever seen so many at once, so I’m wondering if they weren’t juveniles with their parents.

I have an extremely busy work schedule coming up next week, so I may have difficulty getting everything together. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get pictures, process them, and then get all three posts up. I will do my very best!

Anyway, please enjoy the gallery below and let me know what you think!

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