The Fledglings Are Here!

Bluebird Baby #1

I’ve been a little depressed the past few weeks because it seemed like the Bluebirds just vanished. At least Mr. Bluebird would drop by several times a day, even if there were no tasty mealworms for him and his family. I got sick for a few days and wasn’t able to refill the feeders, so I thought that maybe he’d decided to look for his favorites elsewhere.

But I was wrong!

I sat down for breakfast this morning when I looked out the window and saw Mr. Bluebird was back. I didn’t put any mealworms out, so I thought he might just be passing through, but I noticed he was just sitting on a tree, watching out. This wasn’t normal behavior for Mr. Bluebird, who usually never stopped and kept a constant move-on.

I couldn’t have been more excited when I realized what he was doing. I looked closely at the mulberry tree in the yard and realized there were not one, but two little Bluebird fledglings snacking on berries!

I jumped in my car right away and sped off to Lowe’s to pick up some mealworms to maybe help the little guys along. Bluebirds will stay close to their young after the fledge to help teach them how to find food. Keeping that in mind, I couldn’t help but feel like Mr. Bluebird was taking the kids out to his favorite restaurant.

They certainly seemed to enjoy the mulberries, as they kept coming back for more and more of the sweet treats. I sat down on my patio, camera in hand, and just watched the new little visitors. They were so cute!

I haven’t named them yet, but they’re definitely siblings. They got into little squabbles with one another over who knows what, but stayed close together. Mom and dad were always close by, keeping a sharp eye in case of any trouble. I’m not sure what gender the two are, but they have somewhat different coloration. I’ll have to keep an eye on them and see how they look as they grow up. I hope they don’t stray too far and turn into regular patrons of my bird feeders.

Normally, I’d reserve an article like this for a Friday update post, but I felt like this development needed to be mentioned as soon as possible!

Do you have any suggestions for names for the little ones? Please, enjoy the pictures below!

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