Photo Dump #3: The Disaster

Mallard couple foraging on the ground

If you didn’t read the most recent post, we had some nasty weather in Wichita that resulted in my feeders being destroyed. I managed to save a lot of it, but the pole was damaged. Now I have a new setup that I think will result in even more birds visiting.

I also took a trip to Bradley Fair and snapped a few pictures of some Mallards in the pond. In addition, there is a Mallard couple that likes to visit my backyard and eat the deer corn. They happened to come by today, so you’ll see them here too.

I’ve had trouble getting Northern Cardinals to visit my feeders. I know they’re around. Well, finally, on bad weather day, I had a group of about six show up. Unfortunately, the weather prevented me from getting good pictures. The day before, a Starling thought it would be hilarious to photobomb one of my cardinal pictures. You’ll see it! The good news is, the next day, I had several cardinals visit again, so I’m optimistic that I’ll be getting some beautiful red regulars.

Species represented: American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadee, Common Grackle, Eastern Bluebird, House Finch, Harris’ Sparrow, Mallard, Northern Cardinal, Common Grackle, Pine Siskin, Brown-headed Cowbird, Yellow-headed Blackbird, and European Starling.

All photos taken March 16-18, 2021. All are lightly edited for color or cropped. I try my best to preserve as much of the natural color and appearance of the birds as possible to give you as close to the experience I have in seeing the birds in person. A camera never fully captures it.

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