Today was a hard morning. I woke and looked out my window the above picture.

My feeder pole gave out and snapped right toward the bottom. I thought for sure it just got knocked over when I first saw it, but the Kansas wind made the pole unusable. The pole was about $30-$40 from Lowe’s and lasted about a year, which isn’t terrible, but the house feeder at the top of the pole also did not make it.

The birds didn’t seem to mind too much. In fact, they seemed to enjoy poking around in the seed that fell on the ground. Even the bluebirds dropped by to check out the wreckage. Or maybe they were just paying their respects to their favorite restaurant. Well, guys, worry not! It’s just under renovation.

To Backyard Nature Center I go!

Before I left, I put the surviving feeders into a water/bleach solution to give them a good cleaning. Today seemed like as good a day as any!

The folks at Backyard Nature Center were very helpful in making sure I got a great new pole setup to prevent today’s disaster from ever happening again. The new poles are pricier than the old ones, but are not only sturdier but the pole arms are longer and it accommodates certain feeder accessories my previous pole was too thin for.

One such accessory is a larger feeder tray that attaches directly to the center of the pole. I loaded it up with Safflower, Audubon Cherry mix, and mealworms to tempt my favorite birds and so far they love it! The starlings and grackles will eventually come back, but I’m hoping they’ll be less of a problem going forward since the new platform feeder has a much wider surface area. I kept the original tray and placed it where the bird bath used to be, giving the birds a second option if the main tray was too crowded.

So far, all of my favorite regulars have stopped by: Eastern Bluebirds, Black-capped Chickadees, Dark-eyed Juncos, Northern Cardinals, American Goldfinches, Harris Sparrows, and House Finches.

Speaking of Northern Cardinals, I have been trying to attract them for a long time. For whatever reason, they’ve been seldom visitors, but yesterday there were six! I wasn’t able to get good photos due to the weather, but three returned today. I am excited!

I also had a Mallard Duck couple drop by. They were visitors every so often last year, so it’s good to see them return. Again, no good photos due to the weather.

Tomorrow, I will have a brand new photo dump. It’s going to be a little larger than past dumps and includes a few surprises. Meanwhile, enjoy the sneak peeks included in this post.

The new feeder in all its glory! Its leaning a little in the picture because the soil is soft and the lamp feeder is quite heavy. When I rotate it to the other side, the problem is fixed. I’ll have to modify the setup at some point to help correct.

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